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Talk amongst yourselves for a bit

There are quite a few of you reading this blog on a regular basis now and I thank each and everyone one of you for that. I wasn’t sure my random ramblings would appeal to too many people so I am pleasantly surprised to see so many of you popping by on a regular basis. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really have a plan for this blog and tend to just burble on about whatever I feel like at the time. I toyed with the idea of working to a regular schedule, maybe one or two posts a week, but that’s not me. Sometimes I will have a lot to say for myself and at other times I can be lost for words. I don’t want to force a post where I have nothing of interest to say and in doing so compromise the overall quality of the blog.

I try to keep my postings reasonably relevant to gambling and try to look beyond the daily P&L aspects of gambling for a living and bring you something… more. It’s hard to put my finger on but I suppose I am trying to give you something you can use. If I tell you I made 25pts profit yesterday what good does it do you? None. If I share with you my thoughts on a tipster service, such as The Football Analyst, then you have some information you can use. You can see what I think of it and use some of my facts and figures to help guide your own analysis. Any independent review of a tipster is worth something, and my reviews are always fully independent.

Nothing I have to say on here really generates much in the way of discussion though. I had hoped the blog would be a bit more interactive and that I’d get some feedback on certain subjects. Not the sort of feedback that just says “Thanks for that, very interesting” or whatever. I’m thinking more about debate, discussion, arguments even. Maybe I’ll write about dropping a service because I can’t get it to work for me. I figured I might get a few other views on the tipster from you lot. Am I only one it’s bombing for? Maybe you have found a way to get the best from it? They’re just examples, of course, but you get the idea.

I don’t want you to feel you have to join in though. If you have something to add then by all means chip in but if you’re happy to sit back and have me preach to you then that’s cool also. I like the sound of my own, err, typing and I often have a lot to say for myself so I don’t mind. Actually, maybe that’s the problem – that I have a lot to say for myself. Verbosity can be a problem. As I said above, I don’t plan this blog, it just flows from the fingertips. If I outlined each post in advance I could then work out which bits could be cut to limit the post to a readable length but that’s not how I work. This might put some of you off; maybe you’ve landed here by following a link from another blog and thought “Bloody hell, I’m not reading all that crap!” – an understandable point of view. If I made posts shorter and more accessible it just wouldn’t be me though.

Perhaps you’re not joining in because you’re taking the ‘secret’ part of this blog’s title literally. Maybe you want to hide in the shadows and not admit to anyone that you’re interested in gambling for a living. Again, understandable given the looks I get and the stupid questions I have to answer when I tell people what I do for a living. All part of the cross I have to bear although I’m not sure I’d readily give it all up no matter how daft the question.

So whatever your reasons for looking in and whatever your level of interaction, I thank you. While you’re here have a little look around you – is there anyone else about? With so many readers and only so many hours in the day you’re almost certainly not alone. You may not know the others in here with you but you do at least have something in common. You share an interest in gambling (or perhaps in me, which is a little worrying) so that’s an icebreaker if nothing else. Because for the next few weeks you’re going to have to talk amongst yourselves as I won’t be around to lead the discussions. I go into hospital on Sunday for major surgery that will keep me out of action and away from my PC for…I don’t really know how long. I expect it to be a few weeks but it all depends on how the op goes initially and then how fast I recover from that. But I will be back as soon as I can and who knows, I may even deliver that post on leveraging.

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  1. dave
    July 29, 2011 at 11:31 am

    good luck matt and wishing you a speedy recovery

  2. July 29, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    Good luck with the Op- its weird how people like to browse but not leave comments- Same thing happens with my own site.

    Hurry back- football season is nearly here and need you to guide us!

    Geoff- http://www.fulltimebettingblog.com

    • Mat
      July 30, 2011 at 10:08 am

      Thanks Geoff. Unfortunately I probably won’t be back in action before the start of the football season so not sure I will be able to guide you to profits this year. I have that system idea I am still mulling over and will probably live trial on the other blog but I have a couple of niggling doubts about it. In previous years it has either been a roaring success or a bit of a flop and I honestly don’t know which is more likely this season. If I do run it then it won’t be live until a couple of weeks into the season at the earliest.

  3. MGE
    August 3, 2011 at 11:10 am

    Chin up mate. Best wishes for the operation.

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