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Work, work, work

July 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Things have been quiet around here as I have been working hard for the past week and a bit on a few football system development projects, or at least I have been doing a fair amount of prep work for a serious assault on that front over the next few weeks. Last season I made a few fundamental system development mistakes and I am obviously keen to avoid making the same mistakes this year. To that end I am trying to put a proper structure in place to guide this latest round of development so I can’t make the same mistakes as previously. Part of that has involved me writing some software to help me along the way. I have decided, initially at least, to focus on ratings-based systems this time round so I have been writing some software that will generate and test ratings.

I am currently playing with pretty simple ratings but even so I have identified dozens of variables that go to make up the rating generation and testing. I figured software would help  me control those variables so I can work through them methodically investigating the effects of changing each of them individually. A computer program requires strict rules so by writing some suitable software I can implement a rigid structure that will hopefully prevent me from repeating previous mistakes during the system development phase.

The software I am working on at present is being written in VBA for Excel and one day I will stop using Excel as the default basis for any new tools I want to write. It feels like I should be writing standalone applications not ones contained within a file for another application. But Excel gives you so much IO for free that it’s always tempting to use it. The spreadsheet layout is a godsend for taking data in and displaying data to the user. Writing Excel-based applications kinda feels like riding a bike with stabilisers on but why go through the hassle of writing all the IO routines, which wouldn’t look as nice as Excel IO does,  when I can just use Excel? It’s for my own personal use anyway so who cares whether I have ‘cheated’ and used Excel to help with data display? There is that part of my brain though that accuses me of wimping out by relying on Excel’s IO, the part of my brain that is goading me to take the stabilisers off to see what happens. The thing is I know what will happen – I’ll pootle along very slowly at first, getting frustrated, so I will attempt to speed up and come flying off this metaphorical bike causing myself painful metaphorical injuries. Then that part of my brain that goaded me into it will go “ah, so that’s what happens. Right.” And that’s why I’ll stick with Excel-based software for now.

While we’re on the subject of my mental faculties, this software is taking longer to develop than ‘normal’ because of the way my brain works, or rather doesn’t. I can’t seem to penetrate a sort of fog that would allow me to plan ahead and structure code accordingly. Instead I have been developing incrementally, iteratively. Each little new feature I add unlocks a bit more of my thinking and I can project slightly forward to see how that helps and how more functionality can be built on that to improve the final product. Inevitably that means rewriting some of the code I have just written – if only I could project my thinking far enough forward so that I could plan out all the potential functionality and could then code everything once rather than writing and rewriting several times in order to support all the functions. But that’s not how my brain works. It’s been like this for ages though so it’s not something new. Perhaps this is why I moved from software development to software testing. It’s also a good job I am not working to a deadline.

But once this software (it really needs a name but I just haven’t come up with a suitable title yet)  is up and running  I hope it will allow me to develop a few decent football systems that I can add to my portfolio as I could do with more football systems in there. At the minute I only have four football systems in there and three of those are Simplex systems that don’t run for the full season. That leaves me quite light on the football front compared to other sports such as horse racing. I’m not sure yet whether any systems I add to my portfolio will also run on the Soccer Systems blog or not; I may opt to trial other systems that way but we’ll see how it goes in the coming weeks before I make any decisions on that front. I need to complete this software first anyway.

All of this means teaching myself various web development skills has had to be put on hold. I started to teach myself some web basics – some of which was really just a refresher – but I got distracted after deciding to take a quick look at some football data to get some rough ideas of what avenues I wanted to explore for the coming season. One thing led to another and I haven’t been back to the web development books yet. I will go back though, definitely, it just might not be for another week or two.

In other news, not much really. It’s a few days late for various reasons but this morning I completed by monthly review for June. In the end, even though I finished well short of my target profit yet again I feel I dodged a bit of a bullet as I did at least manage to record a profit, something that looked nigh on impossible after Black Saturday. My little whinge can’t have affected results in any way but it made me feel a bit better and have a positive attitude certainly helps in this game.

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Letting off steam

June 25, 2011 2 comments

For the first time in months I have started to think again about rejoining the nine-to-five world. It’s been a tough month so far and time is running out to turn it around. June started well and for the first 10 days or so I was riding high but things have tailed off somewhat since then. For example, it’s been another poor month on the Lay’ems, which as my biggest lay bank has quite an influence on my overall results. Not that anything has gone wrong with that system as such. The strike rate of 81 winners from 94 bets before today is pretty much spot on. The average odds of this month’s winning horses (losing bets) are 7.37 compared to an overall average of 6.80 but as we’re dealing with a small sample I won’t read too much into those figures. It seems like it’s just one of those months and it’s unfortunate that it comes immediately after a poor May for the Lay’ems too.

But these things happen. I know they happen and what’s more I know I can’t do a great deal about them but every now and then they can grind you down a bit. I will conduct a full monthly review at the start of July but I needed to let off a little steam before then. I know it is somewhat artificial to look at things month by month rather than taking a truly long-term view but I have to have some idea of how I am progressing so I have to take stock at certain points and month-ends are as good a time as any.

At the minute it feels like things aren’t quite going to plan and my portfolio isn’t generating the required profits at this stage. At times like this I think about adding new low-cost services and systems to help smooth the returns out somewhat and add a bit more balance. I have eliminated a number of systems and services from my portfolio in the last few months, for various reasons, and I haven’t replaced them all. I am currently trialling three new potential candidates: a horse racing backing service, a horse racing lay service and a dog racing lay system, although trials for the latter take up quite a bit of effort so that’s one on the back burner mostly. It remains to be seen whether any of them make the cut but by trialling a few new services I at least feel like I am making a conscious effort to find ways in which I can improve my bottom line. I am also looking at developing football systems as well as teaching myself certain web development skills to open up new potential revenue streams. I don’t want anyone to say that I am not trying.

Alternatively I could look to press certain edges within my portfolio further by raising stakes for some services but I’m not sure I am currently mentally prepared for the big losing days that will result. I am already leveraged pretty heavily (which reminds me, I still owe you my thoughts on leveraging, I must get round to that) and I don’t really want to crank that up any further and increase pressure on myself to succeed. It’s tricky striking a balance between looking to increase the stakes on some services to take advantage of their edge and also spreading the risk by having a suitable portfolio. On one hand I want to consolidate around my current portfolio and make the most of the edges those systems/services have but when the going gets tough my instinct is to dilute that portfolio with some new blood. At times I really don’t know what the right course of action is.

Ultimately though I am not fit to go back to work. I don’t have much energy at all these days. I feel flat, rundown and generally lousy. Consequently I struggle to concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time. Were I gainfully employed I would be phoning in sick most days, I feel that crappy. And it’s a bit of a downward spiral too. When I feel rough and barely have any energy to do anything it gets a bit depressing and even mild depression can accentuate the symptoms. I saw my consultant the other day and told him I feel 84 rather than 34. He assured me that in a few months I will feel like I am 24. I bloody hope so but until such time as a surgeon finally removes this tumour and I get off these drugs and get my life back rejoining the real world of work isn’t an option. Still, if I have to go back to work I currently have a portfolio that would fit into most lunch times, assuming I drop back into the flexible working environments I am used to. At least then I could gamble on a part-time basis and months such as this one would bother me less as at least I’d have a guaranteed wage coming in.

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An unreal price for a reality TV contestant

June 5, 2011 Leave a comment

I don’t often place many of my own bets. I have a portfolio of tipsters and systems that I rely on instead. I don’t often get the chance to examine all the necessary data and thus have a truly informed opinion about the event in which I may have a bet. If there is a market for which a lot of data exists, as is the case for most sports bets, I like to study it and look for a profitable angle I feel I could exploit. If there isn’t a lot of data available I tend to shy away from getting involved. I don’t really go in for backing my gut feelings with money.

I recently read about a cricket bet that grabbed my attention. I usually read the Betting Zone market moves column despite the fact it often acts as a promotional arm for the UK bookies. The updates are often based around something the press officers or some other official spokesman have said in order to build interest in a certain market but in that respect it’s no different to much of the tabloid press. The market moves column does highlight a few interesting markets though and the other day they noted that 6/1 was available with one firm (I forget which) about England to win the second test against Sri Lanka by an innings although other firms were offering just 5/2. Their comment on this was that the 5/2 was more realistic with the last three tests all ending in an England win by an innings so snap up the 6/1 while it’s available. I rarely, if ever, act on such advice without first checking all the facts for myself but when I read stories like that things do tend to bounce around in my head.

The next day was the start of the test match and I was straight on to Betfair to check out something that occurred to me overnight. How could England win by an innings? If they bat first they would need to pile on the runs, bowl Sri Lanka out for a low enough score that they could enforce the follow on then bowl them all out again for a lower aggregate score than England managed in their first innings. If Sri Lanka bat first then England need to skittle them for a low total, score heavily themselves taking their score a long way past Sri Lanka’s and then take 10 Sri Lankan wickets for fewer runs than the difference between the first innings scores. That sounds more complicated than it is but in essence it means England need to bat very well and take 20 quick wickets. England may have started as firm favourites for the match but to my mind it would take some fairly specific circumstances to win by more than an innings and that 5/2 seemed way too short. My plan then was to lay that winning margin but unfortunately I couldn’t find a suitable market. I was sure the price was wrong but couldn’t find a way to take advantage. Shame really as there was no way England looked like they could win by an innings when they were 22-3. Admittedly they recovered to 486 all out giving them a chance if they could take 20 Sri Lankan wickets for less than that total but that is looking increasingly unlikely with Sri Lanka making 231-1 at the end of the second day.

Fortunately another pricing error (in my opinion at least) occurred yesterday and this time I was able to make hay. With the cricket bet there would be an array of stats available online if I bothered to look them up but initially I just wanted to know the option to lay the innings win existed and would worry about the exact price later. This time there wouldn’t be the wealth of data available and I would have to rely on instinct, which as I said is something I try not to do when money is at stake.

I was watching the final of Britain’s Got Talent having watched the auditions and semi-finals; I do like a bit of reality TV now and then. Going into it last night’s final I knew Ronan Parke was odds-on but that Jai McDowall had been coming in for some support. The Betting Zone column had brought that to my attention earlier that afternoon. I had no real plans to get involved but it is important to be flexible and to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. When it came down to it I thought several of the acts were better in their semi-finals than in the final but what do I know? The judges were heaping praise on some acts for stepping it up when I felt their performances had dipped. Still, what did I know about these things?

When the phone lines opened I took out my mobile and logged into Betfair to take a quick look at how the market stood. Did the odds reflect my opinion on some of the acts had performed? That was all I was really looking for although I did have half an idea that I should take on Ronan Parke. Earlier in the day he stood at around 4/5 to 10/11 depending on the bookie. If he had been clipped in a bit I would have a small interest as I didn’t feel he deserved to be heavy odds on. I honestly couldn’t believe what I saw when the market loaded. It was real ‘fill your boots’ pricing but I am slightly ashamed to admit that I held back and played only to moderate stakes. This struck me as a real opportunity but my natural cautiousness combined with the unwillingness to back my own opinion without data to back me up meant I didn’t take full advantage. Ronan Parke was trading at an unbelievable 1.18/1.19 on Betfair just a few minutes after phone lines had opened. He was effectively umpteen lengths clear with the line rapidly approaching and the rest of the field looking very tired according to those prices. During the couple of refreshes I saw while checking the market the money at 1.18 was being snapped up and I thought I’m having some of that. Bang! I’ve put in a lay at 1.17 and a quick check a few minutes later shows it was matched, although I would have happily drifted my price out a few points in order to get matched if necessary. I had thought about opposing Ronan Parke and once I saw that price I didn’t even think twice, I was laying him in the winner market. I felt I had a really excellent position in an unpredictable competition.

Reality TV isn’t my forte at all. I don’t watch that much of it but I do tend to watch The X Factor and BGT. However, I don’t think my opinions mesh well with those of the general public so I find betting on these shows hard as I am not in tune with popular opinion. I’ve never voted on any of these things as I don’t believe in paying more to watch television than I already have and often find myself amazed at who the voting public have backed. It’s a tricky medium for betting when there are so many WTF results.

This time I thought back over previous years of Britain’s Got Talent. I seemed to recall (but didn’t verify) that kids tend to get to the final but generally don’t win. OK, George Sampson won a few years back but he’s the exception to the rule. The public may have their reasons for child acts not winning and they may be subconscious. Perhaps it is the £100,000 prize with the public feeling this should be awarded to an adult who can use it to further their own career rather than going to a kid’s parents who may not always act in their child’s best interest. Maybe they feel that children will have more opportunities in the future so an adult act should be given a chance now. Or perhaps in the case of singers they don’t know what will happen to the kid’s voice as they mature so they glittering career this child star is supposed to have may disappear in a year or so. An adult singer’s voice won’t change so you know they can continue in that mould for years to come. They are a more reliable prospect if you like. Whatever the reasons, kids do well but tend not to win this competition.

There is also the ‘fact’ that favourites don’t really do very well. I say ‘fact’ as that is how I remember these things and I haven’t looked back to see if that really is the case. Susan Boyle was heavy odds-on and got beaten by Diversity. I can’t remember for sure but I think Spelbound were favourites for a lot of the competition but weren’t ridiculously short. Maybe favourites have a reasonable record, I dunno. Either way 1.17 was way too short in this competition so for minimal risk I backed my own judgement and went against Ronan Parke. I was rather smug at 10pm last night but also wished I had backed my judgment with more conviction i.e larger stakes. Still, the feeling of being right is rather satisfying and not something I have felt for a while. As I said at the start my own bets are few and far between but I generally have a pretty decent record when I do get involved and last night was one of those that just felt right and I was delighted with the result.

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Where was I?

May 23, 2011 1 comment

A fortnight’s holiday is too much for me. That’s the main conclusion I have come to. A week isn’t long enough to really get a good feel for the place and to see everything I want to but two weeks is too much. I start to crave a return to normality and find myself sat around almost twiddling my thumbs a few times if I am away for too long. And as lovely as Crete was that was the case this time. With a few days to go had someone offered me a flight home there and then I may have taken it. But I survived the full fortnight and am now trying to get back into the swing of things – which is not as easy as I thought it would be.

What was I doing before I went on holiday? What was my routine? What was I working on? What did  I have in the pipeline? What projects did I want to make progress on? All these questions and more have come up in the last few days and I am struggling to answer them to my own satisfaction.

Shortly before I went away there was the Great PC Disaster so I was rebuilding my computer and frantically trying to rescue all my data. That’s obviously something I wouldn’t be doing normally – I certainly don’t plan on making a habit of wiping my data – so that doesn’t count as part of my routine. I need to think back further and try to recall how I structured my days. But I also need to decide whether I wish to just drop back into my old routine or whether I should make a few changes. The holiday gave me a chance to evaluate things as they stand and perhaps identify a few weak spots that I need to address. OK, I didn’t take full advantage of this opportunity as I tried to forget about gambling as much as possible and I didn’t have my laptop and associated spreadsheets with me but I still mulled a few things over and made a few tentative decisions.

I think one of the major points to come out of what I was mulling over was that I need to increase my profits. There are several ways to go about this and I need to look at them all in more detail but the bottom line is I need to make more money from gambling. At the very least I need to convince myself that the path I am going down will ultimately lead to greater profits. It sounds like an obvious point to make as surely all gamblers want to make more money but it’s perhaps not as daft as it sounds. If this is to continue to be a full-time enterprise then it needs to prove it can pull in a respectable full-time wage. If not, I need to look at ways I can reduce the effort involved to a part-time level and go back into full-time employment. That’s not a route I want to go down, for various reasons, but it has to remain an option unfortunately. The spectre of a nine-to-five lifestyle will act as a driver to ensure I look at all the ways to get the most from my gambling, that’s for sure.

Another thing I realised recently is that the football betting system research and development I have been working on has dragged on way too long without anything concrete coming out of it. That has to change. I need to make real, meaningful progress or change tack. This is nothing new as I noted this before I went away but while I was on holiday I started to think about the best way to wrap up the current development phase and approximated an order for the remaining tasks. This is in support of the primary goal stated above – to make more profit. I must have some profitable football systems ready to go for the new season in August, and they must be fully tested etc so that I can be pretty sure that profits will ensue. August sounds a long way off but there is a lot to do.

Poker – I have had a change of heart recently. I get this now and again, a nagging thought in my brain that just won’t go away until I entertain it properly. This time it concerns limit hold’em cash games. My brain keeps telling me that if I can keep my discipline and concentration at the tables then I ought to be able to churn a steady profit from limit poker. I have done it before – it’s more or less how I got started in the game. But it involves a different mindset to no-limit games and I need to be confident that I can slip back into the right frame of mind. I have had a few abortive attempts to get back into limit cash games before and found that no-limit play had ruined my limit game. I need to forget about stealing blinds and how powerful position can be in no-limit. Position is still important in limit games, don’t get me wrong, but it’s much harder to bluff-bet your way out of trouble in limit games due to pot odds so solid starting hands etc are required. And that means discipline to only play the right hands in the right position and not calling raises just because it’s only one more bet when you know you’re probably beaten. I still haven’t decided whether to go down the turbo SnG route or have a go again at limit cash games but I plan to examine the pros and cons of each soon and get back to the tables in the near future. My brain keeps telling me there are profits to be made on the poker tables and if I want to make more money then I need to take advantage of opportunities such as online poker.

I have a number of other projects I want to work on – some old, some new – but unless I can see a financial return from them in the short-term I am currently putting them on the back burner. It’s primarily about ensuring I have a solid base going forward. I was happy with my portfolio before my holiday and I have no reason to be unhappy with it on my return but that doesn’t mean I should sit back and rest on my laurels. There are profitable opportunities everywhere so I need to make sure I am exploiting the right ones.


April 24, 2011 Leave a comment

In the end I had a lazy day on Friday. I spent most of the afternoon and evening laid on the sofa watching DVDs. The BHA offered me an opportunity to be so productive and this is how I took advantage of the lack of racing. To be fair though, I’m less than 100% health-wise at the mo and I just couldn’t face a day sat at the PC slogging away. And that’s still the case a few days later, truth be told.

I feel pathetic moaning about my health on here. For a start it’s supposed to be a gambling blog and I do try to keep it on topic as much as possible. Aspects of my personal life are bound to creep in now and then though. Another reason for feeling pathetic is that my health issues are trivial compared to many people. I suffer from mild discomfort rather than excruciating pain. My condition doesn’t really stop me doing too many day-to-day activities. In fact these days it’s probably the drugs I am on that cause me more grief as I seem to suffer from all the possible side-effects. But I don’t want to capitulate and let this all get the better of me. As I said, many people live with worse health problems than mine so I don’t feel I have any right to moan. I just have to get on with things, dealing with the limitations my health imposes as best I can. Unfortunately that means that sometimes, like this weekend, I don’t feel up to ‘working’ even though I have the perfect opportunity to get so much done.

Yesterday was a really hectic day with seven UK race meetings. OK, they were split such that there were five in the afternoon and two in the evening but it still made for quite a busy day. I couldn’t face an afternoon sat at the PC so as the various tipsters I follow issued their advice I was putting the bets on so I could take a break in the afternoon. This took up a good chunk of the morning though and I was glad of the chance to slump on the sofa in front of a film that afternoon. Today there are only four meetings so things should be a little easier to cope with. I hope I am feeling even a tad better by tomorrow though as the BHA are really taking the biscuit with eight (!) meetings. And they all take place in the afternoon, no evening meetings. I get the feeling tomorrow morning will be hard work.

Listen to me, putting a few bets on will be hard work – pathetic! But this game is starting to feel like a bit of a drag at times, almost exclusively when I am feeling less than 100% admittedly, but a drag all the same. Clichéd as it may be I probably need to recharge my batteries. Hopefully this weekend will see me build up enough energy and enthusiasm to get me through another couple of weeks, until I go on holiday for a couple of weeks. And unlike my last holiday I will be leaving the laptop at home and taking a complete break from it all. Who knows, maybe I’ll even finish some more of that football betting system research before then too, but I won’t hold my breath.

Oh, and I haven’t forgotten that I owe you posts on the dog system I am trialling and leveraging. I have been drafting both posts and they are getting there but other things keep cropping up. I’ll publish them soon though, promise.

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Will it be a Good Friday?

April 22, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s Good Friday today, one of the few days in the calendar when there is no scheduled UK horse racing. Much of my betting portfolio is centred around horse racing so what am I to do today? Yes, there is plenty of football but my portfolio has thrown up very few bets in today’s matches so that won’t keep me busy. And as I keep saying, I need to be busy else I am prone to making costly mistakes.

The missus has gone away for the weekend so I have the freedom to do whatever I want. It’s a nice sunny day round here so maybe I should take the day off that the racing authorities clearly want me to have, go out and enjoy the weather. Then again the football betting system research I have been working on for the past few months is really stagnating (this time due to the time and effort involved in trialling a new greyhound racing system, more of which soon) so with no racing to distract me today perhaps I should bash on with that. Alternatively a day without racing could provide the perfect opportunity to get stuck into some poker analysis. I finished off the remaining SnGs the other day to take me to 500 Full Tilt tourneys, and unusually I made a nice profit from those last few too. Today would be ideal for really getting my head into the numbers, crunching the data and trying to identify the leaks that once plugged will see me build a decent bankroll and rise up the staking levels.

At the minute I don’t really know which, if any, of those I fancy. I know what I should be doing – that football research has months left in it and unless I maintain some sort of momentum it will join the pile of other unfinished projects that litter my desk and hard drive. I keep finding excuse after excuse to postpone working on it, which doesn’t bode well for the future. I think some of the fun has gone out of it so I need to either knuckle down and get on with it or find some way of restoring the fun element. Whether I end up doing any work on this, time will tell. In the meantime, I wonder what’s on telly…

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March 27, 2011 Leave a comment

The last couple of weeks or so have been rather odd for me. It has felt like I have been treading water. Like I have been in limbo waiting for something to happen. It’s a very odd state of mind, and not a particularly helpful one either.

While gambling isn’t the most dynamic and exciting of career choices it has its moments. I see each bet as a two-part event. The first part is getting the bet on. You have to compare all the prices available and try to get on at the best odds you can. This means weighing up various bookmakers against one another based not solely on price but also things like recent history with that firm as you don’t want to risk getting your accounts restricted or closed if you go on an extended winning streak with certain firms. Exchanges such as Betfair also come into the equation as you compare the prices on offer there, after accounting for commission, with the best the bookies can offer. But you also have to take into account the chances of the price drifting in which case you probably want to be on with a BOG bookie. Placing a bet is not as simple as finding the right market with your favourite bookie and putting your money down.

The second part comes when the bet is settled. Here’s where you find out how good a job you did in the first place. How does the price you took compare to the starting price? Were you delighted to get your order at 9.8 on the exchanges matched only for the horse to drift just before the off and return a starting price of 9/1 meaning you’d have been better off betting to SP? It happens, but you can’t beat yourself up over it. You just have to learn from it and move on.

When a bet is settled you obviously find out if it’s a winner or a loser. I tend to let losers just wash over me, accepting them as part and parcel of what I do for a living. It should be much the same with winners too really, and for years I was relatively disinterested in those too. That was until someone pointed out that if you don’t get any joy from the winners why bother betting at all? Now I do at least allow myself a fleeting moment of celebration when the winners come along. The bigger the winner, the bigger the smile. But it is soon back to business as normal for the next bet.

Except for the past couple of weeks. I have been going through the motions and little else. No excitement from fighting to get on at a good price. I have been flying on auto-pilot, putting all the bets on with barely a conscious thought as to what I am doing. And when it comes to settling the bets in my spreadsheet all I have really been aware of is that the ups and downs roughly cancel one another out and my net result for the day is negligible. In some ways it feels like just rewards for the effort I have put in but on the other hand I started to think that it was a good job I didn’t bother making too much of an effort if I am not going to make anything as a result.

What I was screaming out for was a big day. A day where I made a really tasty profit, one that would shake me out of my stupor. And if I couldn’t have that I would have the next best thing:  a day of heavy losses. I used to think that gamblers who said losing was the next best thing to winning were idiots but there is quite a lot of truth to it. It’s the excitement, the buzz that comes when big things happen in gambling. Whether that be a big win or a big loss you still get a buzz from it, a surge of adrenaline and excitement. It sounds stupid but in many ways I would rather have a day where I lost a wedge rather than a quiet day where nothing much happens.

It perhaps didn’t help that this lull I was experiencing also extended to my football research and system development. I’m not sure whether one was fueling the other and in fact it became a vicious cycle but both my gambling and system development were negatively impacted. Fortunately events conspired to break the cycle and greatly improve matters.

Things started to move on the betting front. The profits started to mount up and over the last few days I have had some good results and it’s all starting to tick along at a much better pace. The flat spot seems to have passed for a while and it’s back to regular action.

At the same time my brain kicked into action again. It was as though my brain was waiting for my subconscious to mull over a few problems and report back with solutions and until that happened I couldn’t meaningfully progress with the football betting project. Fortunately something just clicked, completely out the blue, a few days back and I am back up and running in the right direction with that work again.

It’s funny how you can have these periods where the job you love seems like such a chore but that’s one of the drawbacks of working seven days a week. However, I am enthused once more. I am keen to get on with the gambling and with the football system development. I want to get on my PC and make some progress rather than sit around doing whatever. I never really experienced this in the 9-to-5 rat race but I actually want to get up and go to ‘work.