Monthly Reviews

I believe that as a professional gambler it is important to review progress on a regular basis. A portfolio that is not delivering the required profits cannot be left to run as is. However, one must also be careful to avoid becoming too results-oriented and focused on the short-term. I have found that conducting monthly reviews strikes the right sort of balance. If a service performs poorly for several consecutive months then I can think about dropping it from the portfolio (see my Watch List) and similarly stakes can be increased following a sustained good run.

Review Format
For the most part my monthly reviews are informal and pretty high-level. The main basis for the review is the Monthly Profits sheet of my betting records spreadsheet showing a breakdown of profits by month for each system in my portfolio. Thus I can see at a glance how each system has done in any given month. This sea of black and red underpins most of my monthly reviews but I will also have a quick check on how each system’s current bankroll compares to the advised bank to check whether any stakes need to be adjusted.

I plan to leave comments on the individual review pages open so that interested readers can add their thoughts. Maybe my figures differ wildly from yours for the same service and you want to compare prices. That’s OK, we can do that if you like. Or maybe you’ve been following my reviews and want to know why the hell I haven’t dropped a certain system/service. Again, that’s fine. Ask and I will tell you.

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