Monthly Review – August 2011

August’s monthly review is basically only for completeness as I didn’t place a single bet this month. I had major abdominal surgery on the 1st and even though I was home a week later it was early September before I was able to get behind a computer and start gambling once more. I haven’t checked back over August’s results to see how the various tipsters I follow did. it doesn’t really matter what their record looks like because I can’t have shared any profits so seeing them rack up record wins is only going to annoy me that I missed out whereas seeing them make a loss won’t help either because it may have me wondering whether such poor performance is going to continue. Ignorance is bliss on this one.

Even though I didn’t place any bets during August there are still a couple of figures to report as these reviews are based on bet settlement dates and a couple of ante-post sports bets were decided in August. All in all though, this isn’t going to make very exciting reading.



This month saw three bets on the England v India test series decided, and they were all losers. The series was a long way from being the draw that The Insider had advised; Gautam Ghambir’s injury surely prevented him from mounting a decent challenge as top Indian batsman so that was another bet from The Insider that went by the wayside while Alastair Cook missed out on the top England batsman honour costing Bet Bank Alerts the stake on that bet. The other bets were on the egg-shaped ball with St Helens failing to win the Carnegie Challenge Cup and New Zealand choking in the Tri-Nations. Those losers meant losses of 3.00pts for The Insider and 1.50pts for Bet Bank Alerts.


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