Discontinued Services

Below is a list of services and systems that were formerly part of my betting portfolio but have since been dropped. It could be that the system has been ditched because I have decided it’s not profitable enough or perhaps the returns are too volatile. Alternatively the service may have stopped operating so I have been forced to remove it from my portfolio. Either way the system/service is no longer part of my active portfolio.

I have limited this list to those systems/services that have been part of my active portfolio since I started this blog. My own betting records spreadsheet contains details of several dozen other systems I have tried over the years but there is nothing to be gained from adding them to this list here.

Where appropriate I have retained the hyperlinks to the system/service URL in case you want more details but be aware that some of these have been completely discontinued. The date in brackets is the date the system/service was dropped from my portfolio.

Horse Racing Flat (2 systems/services)

  • Johnston Tracks (May 2011) – a low SR system based around runners from the Mark Johnston stable that no longer fits my betting style and mentality.
  • NailedOn AW (19th March 2011) – a low strike rate/high price service that unfortunately stopped operating following Adrian Massey’s retirement.

Horse Racing – NH (2 systems/services)

  • First Timer (14th February 2011) – a system focusing on NH debutants that was dropped following a review that showed any edge the system may have enjoyed had been well and truly eroded.
  • Double Top (June 2011) – one of three Win2Win (the original source of many of my racing systems, incidentally) NH services and the one that has made me the most profit over the years although it seems to have gone very quiet of late. It was confirmed in June 2011 that the system had been discontinued

Horse RacingMixed (7 systems/services)

  • Progeny (19th March 2011)- a NailedOn service that had been struggling for a little prior to it’s closure along with Massey’s website.
  • HSR (19th March 2011) – a high strike rate (approx 45%) service from NailedOn that produced a good number of selections and made a steady profit but was another casualty of Massey’s withdrawal from the industry.
  • Easy Money Lays (19th March 2011) – a lovely little lay system that I picked up somewhere along the way but goodness only knows where. It was making excellent profits year on year but as it relies on part on the Massey ratings this was another one lost to his retirement.
  • Classic Lays (19th March 2011) – the main system of my Unity Racing service and another that used the Massey ratings so can no longer operate. It had been struggling since Unity Racing went live if truth be told.
  • Premier Lays (19th March 2011) – another Massey-based lay system and another that was not delivering the profits that were expected of it.
  • Market Leaders (19th March 2011) – the third and final Massey-based lay system offered as part of Unity Racing. This one spewed up a great profit in its death throes but is obviously no more.
  • NailedOn Lays (19th March 2011) – a laying service from NailedOn that covers both UK and Irish racing. This went by the wayside along with the whole of the NailedOn service following the closure of Adrian Massey’s website.
Football (11 systems/services)
  • Football Betting Data (FBD) (May 2011) – I followed the FBD recommended bets for a few seasons and ended with a slight loss each season. It could be that this service is best used as a data resource (using their head-to-head stats) for finding my own bets rather than as a tipster service.
  • FE Shortlist (June 2011) – Football Elite include a number of shortlist bets in their weekly tips emails but state that following them is a bit of a risk as there are not yet enough results in the bag to be sure of their performance. I followed them on the Draw No Bet markets to small stakes during the 2010/11 season without much success so decided not to continue with them.
  • Home Form (June 2011) – one of a a series of football systems I devised in the close season with a view to making the qualifiers for the 2010/11 season freely available via a blog. That much has gone to plan but the system is massively underperforming compared to past statistics. As the name suggests the system selects home wins based on recent form.
  • Draw Form (June 2011) – an aptly named system that selects matches that will end all-square based on the recent form of the two sides. It’s another that is performing badly though.
  • Away Form (June 2011) – it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that this system picks out teams to win away from home, again using recent form as a guide. This system is performing better than many on the Soccer Systems blog but is still way below par based on previous seasons.
  • Under Form (June 2011) – the worst of the nine systems I devised during the summer of 2010. Based on the fact that this system busted the advised bank and kept on losing at a horrific rate I may have to conclude that perhaps a team’s recent form isn’t the best guide to whether the game will go under 2.5 goals.
  • Over Form (June 2011) – better, but still not good. The system picks out matches expected to go over 2.5 goals using recent form of both sides as an input. Maybe not the best idea.
  • HDA Streaks (June 2011) – can the length of a team’s unbeaten run be used as the basis for a successful football betting system? Maybe. This system, however, uses the number of games a team has gone without each of the possible results to very little success.
  • UO Streaks (June 2011) – my record with under/over 2.5 goals systems is pretty poor and this one is no exception.
  • Rateform (June 2011) – a bit more thought has gone into this system. It is based around the popular Rateform rating method although I have tinkered with the rating parameters a little. The qualifiers for this system are exclusive to the Win2Win forum rather than forming part of the Soccer Systems blog. It ran somewhat worse than expected for the 2010/11 season though.
  • Game Form (June 2011) – another ratings-based system, this time using the Game Form rating from Paul Steele’s excellent book Profitable Football Bettting. It underperformed significantly for the 2010/11 season compared to backtested figures for previous seasons. Selections identified by this system are not included on the Soccer Systems blog as they are exclusive to the Secret Betting Club forum.
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