Portfolio Breakdown

Below is the breakdown of my current betting portfolio encompassing a number of systems and tipsters covering a variety of sports. I have divided the portfolio into separate sections for each sport and within each section I have briefly surmised what the system/service offers. Where appropriate I have included hyperlinks to the relevant website supplying the system/service in question.

Horse Racing Flat (5 systems/services)
According to my records flat racing is one of the best sports in my portfolio, not that I really appreciated that fact until now. I don’t have too many systems/services dedicated to the flat but those I do have are all solid performers and a welcome addition to the portfolio.

  • LTO3 – a solid system that just ticks along producing consistent profits without really setting the world alight. It’s never going to pick out a big double-figure winner but will steadily accumulate profits.
  • A List – ProBandit’s flat service has been part of my portfolio since early 2010 and has really impressed me. Tips are backed up with solid analysis and the profits show ProBandit know what they are talking about.
  • Lay’em – a flat lay system that I have had around me for many a year now. Things have really taken off in the last couple of years for this system and the profits have been steadily rolling in.
  • Blinkered – a simple lay system added in July 2011 for flat turf racing only. It’s a bit of a risk as I don’t have historical results but the angle this system is designed to exploit looks solid enough.
  • Blinkered AW – the all-weather version of the previous system. The angle being exploited is supposedly less profitable on the dirt which is why I am tracking it separately so that I can revert to turf only if necessary.

Horse RacingNH (5 systems/services)
My profits from national hunt (jumps) racing are significantly lower than on the flat. Maybe my balance of systems/services isn’t quite right. Perhaps it’s a natural part of jumps racing as a horse can fail to finish a jumps race in more ways than on the flat. You generally don’t see flat runners unseat their rider and seeing a faller on the flat is even rarer. And then there’s the stamina issue with NH races being longer than flat races. It certainly seems harder to find a winner over jumps than on the flat.

  • Claiming Jockey – as the name suggests this system concentrates on runners ridden by claiming jockeys. It has thrown up very few selections since I have been following it suggesting the rules (which are not mine) are perhaps a little tight.
  • Info Rated – another of the Win2Win services and one that doesn’t produce that many selections (maybe around 100 a year on average) according to my records. Those same records show the system is around breakeven despite an SR of just under 40%. Obviously not a major part of my portfolio.
  • NH Media – the third and final NH service from Win2Win and one that I have followed for over seven years now! It doesn’t produce too many selections but that they are reasonably profitable overall and the strike rate of 40% means the winners clock in at a reasonable rate.
  • Ladies Lays – a laying system concentrating on female horses this produces relatively few selections (approximately 150 a year) but the strike rate is good (around 86%) and I have made some very tidy profits from this gem.
  • NHPM – the National Hunt Profit Machine is a solid laying system for jumps racing clocking in with an 86% SR and a nice rate of profit accumulation.

Horse RacingMixed (5 systems/services)
Some of the horse racing systems and services I follow come up with selections in both codes of racing, hence this mixed category. I don’t record whether a race was flat or NH so I couldn’t say if that flat selections are outperforming the NH selections as is the case with the services dedicated to only one code.

  • Northern Monkey – a service I was put on to following a positive review from Secret Betting Club and I am very pleased with it. It’s cheap and very professional with each tip coming with a good write-up. Needless to say the service makes a very healthy profit too.
  • Piecost – a member of the Secret Betting Club forum has a profitable betting system on the go and posts his qualifiers on the forum for free. It would be remiss of me not to get involved and take advantage of what should amount to free money.
  • Winning Racing Tips – an SBC hall of fame service that advertises a long-term return of 16% with returns from the last year exceeding 20% so I have high hopes for this one.
  • Sportsman Racing – a horse racing tipster service made available for free to members of the Sportsman service (or membership to one includes membership to the other if you prefer) and one that seems to deliver reasonable returns in the long-run.
  • Racing Angles – a profiling service that identifies likely winners based on past trends. It’s not a tipster service per se but the advice given can be used to shortlist a number of selections and hopefully generate a tidy overall profit.

Football (10 systems/services)
As the number of systems/services suggests, football is the second most important sport (behind horse racing) for my portfolio. It’s a sport that many people think they know and understand but how well do they really understand the game? I’m looking to increase my own comprehension of the sport through extensive data analysis to develop a number of profitable betting systems in time for the start of the 2011/12 season, replacing a number of current systems in my portfolio.

  • Football Elite – a Secret Betting Club hall of fame service that I have been with for a couple of seasons. It focuses on the major European leagues (Premiership, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga) selecting home wins at value odds. Each recommended bet comes with an excellent detailed write-up of why the bet has been advised. The 2010/11 season isn’t quite living up to previous standards but this remains an excellently profitable service.
  • Prem Simplex – this is based on the original system offered by Simplex Trading but I have modified some of the rules to give a safer, more reliable system that requires less risk so it is Simplex in name only really. It is still based around Premiership matches ending in a certain result though and still includes loss recovery in the staking. It’s generated some nice profits over the past few seasons but also taken me outside my comfort zone with the staking at times.
  • SPL Simplex – an adaptation of the Prem Simplex idea applied to the Scottish Premier League. Again, Simplex in name only as I have changed many of the rules from the original Simplex system. Part of my portfolio since the 2009/10 season.
  • Serie A Simplex – an Italian Serie A system based around my safer Simplex system that was added for the 2010/11 season.
  • The Football Analyst – Graeme Dand has developed a number of decent-looking football systems and after much analysis and deliberation I have decided to add the six established combo systems (6-21, 6-22, 7-21, 7-22, 8-21 and 8-22) to my portfolio for the 2011/12 season.

Miscellaneous Sports (4 systems/services)
To add a bit of balance to my portfolio I have tried to include a few services that provide tips across miscellaneous sports. I haven’t been sufficiently able to get to grip with betting on tennis, rugby, golf, snooker, darts and so on to be able to select my own bets in these arenas so rely on the expertise of others. Also none of these sports lend themselves as readily to systems development as football and horse racing, at least not as far as my understanding of the data for each sport goes.

  • Bet Bank Alerts – an Oxon Press service offering tips across a wide range of sports, including a few football bets. The SR has dropped off a little of late to an extent that my figures are only a little better than breakeven. This one may be more for an interest in a few games here and there than forming a genuinely profitable part of my portfolio.
  • Insider – a lower strike rate sports service from Oxon Press with more of a focus on longer-term bets than Bet Bank Alerts. A large portion of the tips are ante-post bets across a wide range of sports. Some excellent winners have been landed over the years but long losing runs are not unknown.
  • Sports Bet USA – formerly The Linebacker (a service concentrating on NFL) this service was renamed in December 2010 and widened its net to cover more US sports. The Linebacker had been a tidy little profit maker (although the 2010/11 season proved a tough one) so let’s hope that a wider range of sports doesn’t dilute the previous profits.
  • Sportsman – a well-regarded sports tipping service that SBC put me on to. It’s largely a football service but there are bets on other sports too, such as darts, which is why it is filed under Miscellaneous Sports.


  • Spreads – I don’t spread bet very often (although I used to spread bet a fair bit on Premiership matches a few years back) but every now and then I will have a dabble. I haven’t found any spread bet tipster services that I trust sufficiently well to take them on.
  • Trades – I have tried my hand at trading on the horses several times but I have yet to really crack it. It usually starts off promisingly before going badly wrong on a few races and I run off with my tail between my legs swearing never to go back to trading. I’ve tried weight-of-money trading and all sorts of techniques, all to no avail.
  • Cash Game Poker – for a long time now I have held the (probably misguided) opinion that one cannot call oneself a true poker player unless one has mastered the cash games. A big tourney score won’t come along very often, if at all, but cash game wins can rack up nice and regularly. My own cash game exploits have been less than successful but I am determined to get there – eventually.
  • Tourney Poker – I don’t have the stamina and patience for MTTs so for me tourney poker means SnGs. I do OK in them but for some reason they just don’t grip me. I have tried a couple of times to grind a regular profit from SnGs but it just doesn’t work for me, I lose focus and my results suffer. One day I’ll crack it, maybe.
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