Watch List

The Watch List is a device I use to help keep my portfolio in decent shape. During the regular reviews I conduct I may notice a system/service hasn’t been delivering the desired performance for some time now, in which case they will be added to the Watch List. That system/service will then be subject to greater scrutiny and unless things pick up it will be dropped from the portfolio. Putting a system on the Watch List is roughly analogous to giving that system a yellow card. While it is possible for a system to come back off the Watch List (for the yellow card to be rescinded if you like) it is far more likely that a second yellow will follow and the system will be dismissed from the portfolio.

When a service is added to the Watch List I still continue to follow the selections with the normal staking plan. The Watch List Plus, however, is a step above that as betting on any system added to the Watch List Plus is suspended with immediate effect. I am not pulling the plug and removing the system from my portfolio but I am putting it on ice until such time as I have assessed whether it is worth continuing with it. The Watch List Plus is used when a portfolio review indicates that a given system/service has massively underperformed and that continuing to follow it would be putting my bank at undue risk.

I also maintain an Awaiting Review list which, as the name suggests, contains systems/services that should be reviewed at some point. I try to place a deadline for each review so that systems do not remain on the Awaiting Review list for an excessive amount of time. Systems/services on this list are staked as normal, they are simply on this list as there is something about them that has prompted me to want to look at them in more detail.

Watch List

  • NH Media – averaging only a couple of points profit per year despite a solid strike rate, is this worth following any more?

Watch List Plus


Awaiting Review

  • Claiming Jockey – ASAP. This has been in my portfolio for nearly two years now and has yet to reach 100 bets. Is the quality of the bets sufficient to counter their rarity?
  • The Insider – ASAP. Can this tipster service support a higher stake? It has made steady year-on-year profits so should I increase my unit stakes to take advantage of the performance of these bets and maximise my returns or are the risks associated with higher stakes too great?
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